Pitbull Picasso American Bully Breed
PICASSO is standing at stud here at Casa La Bullies Kennels in Illinois near Chicago and clearly represents the best of the bully breed. No other Pitbull dog has a head piece that can match him. If you are familiar with show quality top of the line American Pitbulls, then no doubt you see that he has the pedigree to produce some of the finest offspring that the dog world has yet to see. We don't just mean among American bullies, or even pitbulls, but rather any breed of dog period. We will stack him against any dog of any breed anywhere. Please take a look at his Gallery and see if you don't agree. Even the pictures here don't do him justice. Picasso is considered (done), Conformation very correct, super temperament. American bullies as a breed are considered (over done) by many among the various breeds of pitbulls. We believe an American Pitbull should retain the athleticism of the foundation dogs that have defined the breed for more than a century, yet without the gameness. Picasso represents the ultimate of what should now define the American Bully standard and what every American Bully, Razors Edge, Remyline or other American Pitbull hopes to be.
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Picasso is Remyline blood and has achieved (RLC) status, and is among only a few that can claim such a high degree of excellence among the Razors Edge bloodlines. Razors edge pitbulls have been described as the Rolex among all pitbull breeds and Remyline RLC represents the highest degree of excellence among all of those that claim the name. Not all pitbulls that have Remy in their pedigree are, or can be Remyline certified. In fact only a few from among thousands bred meet this highest degree of excellence. What is Remyline Certified? (RLC)

"RemyLine Certified (RLC) was created to preserve the integrity of the bloodline of RemyLine dogs. RemyLine dogs have a distinctive look, personality and quality that set them apart from all other breeds and bloodlines. RemyLine is the first organization to hold the preservation of its bloodline as its highest priority."

With out a doubt Picasso is the Gold Standard among those who have achieved this award and represents the benchmark by which all others should be judged. Notice that Picasso retains the same coloring and look as Remy Martin his Grand Sire and thus the highest degree of excellence for the breed, while at the same time does not suffer from any of the faults (poor pigmentation) or (Red Eye) that many of the blue pitbulls are plagued with. Notice what one author had to say on this subject.

"What causes the blue-gray coloration may actually surprise you. Blue is a dilution of the color black. The genetic make-up of a blue dog contains a recessive trait that causes the color pigmentation to clump around the middle of the hair shaft leaving the tips colorless. The effect to our eyes is the dusky gray that is commonly called blue.

You may recall from your school days in science class that in order for a recessive trait (like blue eyes in humans) to be expressed in the offspring, both parents must carry the gene for the recessive trait. Add to that the fact that the alleles that interact with and influence coat and skin color and color patterns are found in several places along the canine genome, and you can appreciate how tricky producing a particular color can be.

Bottom line. Breeders who "specialize" in blue pitbulls, in order to ensure the production of blue pups, must necessarily limit themselves to a relatively small gene pool. It's not uncommon for breeders to use dogs from the same families over and over in repeated breedings to bring the recessive traits to the fore. This practice, when overdone, is associated with both health and behavioral problems. "

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If you are looking for foundation blood to breed with, we at Casa La Bullies Kennels urge you to do your research. We are confident that when you do. You will agree that Picasso is the best of the best and why we are proud to have this foundation Male standing at Stud.


Pitbull Picasso Remyline, Razors Edge Pitbull

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