Where the Real Bullies are Bred!

American Pitbull Kennels

We would like to thank you for visiting Casa La Bullies American Pitbull Kennels.  We are a small Pit Bull Kennel located in SW Illinois, just 25 miles South of Chicago and close to the Indiana border.  We specialize in American Bully Pitbulls and the Razor's Edge and Remyline Pitbull bloodlines.  We were first introduced to the wonderful Pit Bull breed when we became involved in Pit Bull rescue.  Over the years we have welcomed into our home a considerable number of shelter Pit Bulls and continue to enjoy their companionship.  We also enjoy showing Pit Bulls in competitive conformation shows and compete regularly in ABKC and RLKC American Bully shows.  We  have been very selective in choosing only the top bred, show quality, American Bullies to represent Casa La Bullies American Pitbull Kennels

If you like the look of the American Bully Pit Bull and want a Pitbull that is built like a super jock, with an incredible pedigree, but is fun loving, gentle and loyal, we believe that you will find no better place to look for a Pitbull Puppy.  We are very selective in our breedings and breed primarily for ourselves.  Therefore, on occasion our American Pitbull Kennel will have some Pitbull Puppies for sale, although they go fast.  If you cannot afford a show quality Razors Edge or Remyline Pit Bull, we then ask that you contact your local Pit Bull rescue and adopt from them rather than buy through American Pitbull Kennels.  Despite what is portrayed by the media, Pits are fun loving, gentle and extremely loyal and are well documented as having one of the best temperament of any breed of dog. 
So whether you are wanting a high quality show dog for your own enjoyment or competition, or are simply wanting a wonderful family pet; we wholeheartedly recommend this most beloved breed.  If we can be of any assistance, just give us a call, we would be delighted to speak to you!  By the way, my name is George and my wife is Marilyn.  We look forward to talking with you.  And oh, by the way, Casa la Bullies, American Pitbull Kennels when translated means: Home of the Bullies or House of Bullies.  We are proud to carry that name.      


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